martyr (plural martyrs)

  1. One who takes action according to his religious beliefs accepting that he will be killed by others; one who is put to death for his religion; as, Stephen was the first Christian martyr.
  2. Hence, one who sacrifices his life, his station, or what is of great value to him, for the sake of principle or to sustain a cause.
  3. (with a prepositional phrase of cause) One who suffers greatly.
    Stephen was a martyr to arthritis.

6 letters in word "martyr": A M R R T Y.

No anagrams for martyr found in this word list.

Words found within martyr:

am ar arm army art arty ary at ay ma mar marry mart mary mat maty may my ram rat ray rya ta tam tar tarry tay tram tray try tryma ya yam yar yarr